Meet Our Vendors

2 Beans or not 2 Beans


Meg Henwood and Erich Burton

Introducing 2 Beans or not 2 Beans, a small-scale community farm nestled in the Gaspereau Valley on the breathtaking unceded Mi’k Maq First Nation territory. Run by Meg Henwood and Erich Burton, the farm specializes in growing nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, and herbs, with a focus on soil health and ecosystem preservation.

At 2 Beans or not 2 Beans, synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers are avoided, and soil fertility and native micro-biology are nurtured for the long-term regeneration of the land. The farm sources rich compost from local livestock ranchers, integrates various organic materials, and employs sustainable practices to stimulate earthworm activity.

Offering a seasonal community food box for 25 members, the farm also sells produce at weekly local markets, including The Halifax Brewery Market, Kingston Market, and Kentville Market. Visitors are always welcome at the farm.

This season, 2 Beans or not 2 Beans introduces two exciting projects: the Community Food Forest and the Travelling Seed Library. Workshops, volunteer days, and community-based education will be available throughout the summer season. These projects aim to encourage skill sharing, foster fun for all ages, and provide perennial fruits, nuts, herbs, and seeds for the community for many seasons to come.

To learn more or get involved, reach out to Meg and Erich at (902) 990-0098 or email