Meet Our Vendors

A Beautiful Wild


Sarah and Devan

Meet Sarah and Devan, the passionate duo behind A Beautiful Wild Flower Farm. Their journey began with a vegetable garden at their first home, which gradually expanded with companion planting of herbs and flowers among the vegetables. In 2015, their garden transformed into a dedicated cut flower garden, where they continually experimented with new varieties and learned about the best harvesting stages and vase life for each flower.

With a background in interior design, Sarah found her calling in crafting exquisite bouquets using freshly picked flowers, and the joy these bouquets brought to others became their driving force. After providing flowers for their best friends’ wedding in 2016, they knew this was their path.

Nestled on a 3-acre plot in the Village of Aylesford, A Beautiful Wild Flower Farm nurtures vibrant colors and beauty with a commitment to sustainability. Sarah and Devan focus on giving back more than they take from the Earth while cultivating their stunning flowers.

A Beautiful Wild specializes in cut flowers, mixed bouquets, wedding flowers, and dried flowers, offering nature’s beauty for every occasion.