Meet Our Vendors

Earthling Farm


Megan Henwood and Erich Burton

We are Erich, Meg and Leyda-Anonna, the passionate farmers and sweet baby of Earthling Farm and Food Forest!

We are honored to be stewards of the land! Family, friends, volunteers and community make the farm possible.

We co-create, learn and grow on 1/3 of an acre, and have 6 Food Forest garden zones integrated throughout the growing space.

Earthling Farm is a home-scale farm that grows vegetables, fruits, and culinary and medicinal herbs by hand and with care. 

We value the art of learning by experiencing! We love to share the delicious and nutritious experience of growing and harvesting your own food. We enjoy and celebrate the farming season by preserving, cooking and eating together! Everyday we are listening and working with the land to help restore and support healthy soil, thriving ecosystems and increase bio-diversity of plants and animals (native and non-native species). We practice and thrive with creative work and play in the gardens and in our home. Through music, dancing, art and education we enjoy the days on the farm. 

Join us on the farm! We offer volunteering, work-trades, and musical/artist performance events.

We are also home to The Gaspereau Mountain Community Food Forest and The Travelling Seed Library.

We aspire to be home to an Earthship Education/Art center for community, seeds and plants!