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Fullstrong Coffee


Curtis Durocher

In 2016, while I was living in Calgary, I began roasting from home on a hand crank popcorn maker. I would buy green coffee from Rosso Coffee Roasters; I was obsessed with coffee from Rosso and Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters. I had no computer assistance when I began roasting, I was just listening and smelling, and I did that for years. Previously I had been in track and field, and I had moved to Calgary to be a bobsledder. I then transitioned to Highland games. It originated in Scotland so I would wear a kilt and throw a big tree. It’s similar to wrestling in that you are entertaining the crowd more than anything.But, in 2018 I got injured and had to retire as an athlete. I had also been working as a personal trainer so I had to find something else I was passionate about and it turned out to be coffee. My real motivation was having my daughter and moving to Nova Scotia. I just decided to go full blast into roasting coffee.