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hi, love. greetings


Melanie Sampson

Meet Melanie Sampson, the creative force behind “hi, love. greetings,” a collection of handmade gifts designed to celebrate real-life moments. Melanie, an Indigenous artist of Inuk heritage and a beneficiary of Nunatsiavut, has been designing stationery goods since 2012, transitioning from a career in radio broadcasting to full-time creation and design.

Her offerings include greeting cards, art prints, bookmarks, sticky notes, and more, all designed to help you find the right words for the people you love. Melanie’s work, characterized by eye-catching typography and digital graphics, draws inspiration from her relationships, upbringing, and love of hand making. All her products are made in small batches using the most eco-friendly materials available.

Melanie currently resides in Auburn, NS, with her husband Goose and their two shop-helper kitties, Kitty and Holly. With her unique products, she’s here to help you celebrate, empathize, and share laughter.