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Millwood Crafts


Mike Chalmers

Meet Mike, a seasoned craftsman creating unique, handcrafted wooden gifts and home accessories since 1995. His extraordinary creations, which range from ornamental 3D deer and jewelry/memory boxes to charcuterie presentation boards and kitchen accessories, are all meticulously crafted in his one-man shop. Drawing inspiration from his local surroundings and the feedback of his clients, Mike has made a name for himself through his attention to detail and commitment to quality at reasonable prices.

Mike prioritizes the use of local raw materials whenever possible, working with all manner of wood including pine, oak, birch, and ash. For his more exotic projects, he turns to specialty hardwoods from South America and Africa, sourced from specialty stores in Halifax. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or a special addition to your home, let Mike’s handcrafted creations show you care.