Meet Our Vendors

Old School Acres


Kellyn Hough

Meet Kellyn, the heart and soul behind Old School Acres. As a mother, textile artist, sourdough baker, and shepherdess, Kellyn embraces slow living and is deeply passionate about natural, local fibres.

At Old School Acres, Kellyn produces artisan sourdough loaves in her wood cookstoves and uses plant dyes to create vibrant colors on natural fibres. She is dedicated to building a local wool supply for textile artists by raising fibre sheep and collaborating with other farmers and artists to create a more sustainable supply of linens and wools.

Her farm serves as a sanctuary where art and agriculture merge in a slow, sustainable manner.

Fun Facts About the Business:

  • Despite their experience in growing food and plants, Old School Acres represents the first foray into raising livestock and large-scale farming for Kellyn and her family.
  • The farm’s name, Old School Acres, is inspired by its location next to the historic Mount Hanley School Museum and their traditional, “old school” approach to farming.
  • Before starting her own home bakery business, Kellyn worked at several sourdough bakeries.


Instagram: @kellynhough_maker (for fibre arts and slow family living)
@oldschoolacres (for farm life)