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One Spruce Twig Beadwork


Matilda Jararuse

Introducing Matilda Jararuse, the talented artist behind One Spruce Twig Beadwork. As a proud Labradorimuit woman from Labrador, Matilda embraces beadwork as a means to connect with her culture and traditions. Her intricate creations feature not only beads but also leather, sealskin, various furs, bone, and antler.

Matilda’s beadwork has not only helped her honor the memory of her beloved daughter but has also created connections with wonderful people and places. She occasionally uses her sales to support important causes, particularly those benefiting Indigenous peoples.

Based in New Minas, Matilda is dedicated to making her work available in various spaces, promoting Indigenous-made art over Indigenous-inspired pieces. While she is eager to participate in markets, her family’s medical appointments and therapies sometimes affect her availability.