Meet Our Vendors

Sam & Paisley Treat Company


Troy Elzner & Erin Otter

Shortly after adopting Paisley we discovered that she had numerous food allergies. This took us down a long path to find safe foods for her. Until then we never realized how many ingredients are in a single bag of treats – many with words that a spelling bee champion would struggle with. It also happened to be the peak of the pandemic, so options were limited and our dependence on imported items very evident. With all this in mind we began to make our own 1 ingredient treats for Paisley (and her older brother Samson) using only locally grown food. We don’t use scraps, or seconds – all of our products are made from ingredients you would feed to your family. We are so proud to be able to offer other dog owners a tasty, healthy treat that originates from Nova Scotia’s fertile soil, or water and is prepared and packaged in Nova Scotia.