Meet Our Vendors

Verv Skincare


Ali Vervaeke

Introducing Verv Skin, a small business passionate about crafting natural skincare products with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Handmade in Nova Scotia, Canada, Verv Skin’s formulations are developed in-house, prioritizing gentle, nourishing ingredients suitable for sensitive skin. Their vibrant and playful pastel palette is derived from botanical infusions, providing a refreshing and natural sensory experience without synthetic colors or fragrances.

Verv Skin believes in the transformative power of plants, harnessing their potent therapeutic compounds, oils, and healing extracts to create products that deliver significant restorative effects on the skin. They take pride in their cruelty-free approach, ensuring ethical and effective skincare solutions.

Founded by Ali, who lives with her partner Nate and their dog-daughter Luna, Verv Skin embodies their values of living a simple, fulfilling life with integrity. The couple is committed to making low-impact choices, nurturing community connections, and cherishing the little things, like dog snuggles and shared meals with friends.

Discover Verv Skin’s unique, handcrafted skincare products that bring together the power of plants and the joy of natural colors for a truly rejuvenating experience.