Meet Our Vendors

Wild Thyme Farm


Taylor Strong & Zack Trefry

In 2021 we moved onto a neglected 47-acre farm which was once a thriving organic farm operation. Since moving here in 2021, Zack, myself and with lots of help from family- we have been working hard to bring this beautiful farm back into operation. We have since worked up 5 acres of land to dedicate to growing mixed vegetables, and in the future- hopefully fruit as well. We currently grow on 2-3 of those acres, growing a variety of seasonal vegetables. Last year we became Certified Naturally Grown. Zack and I have backgrounds in Biology and Conservation, and we have a deep passion for the preservation and restoration of plants, animas, and their ecosystem, Being Certified Naturally Grown allows our customers to have confidence that we grow food that is truly clean- without the use of any synthetic chemical fertilizers or pest management. We are working towards a farming system that ultimately contributes to the regeneration of the environment and ecology of the land we are on. We strongly believe in being good stewards of the land and doing what we can to promote ecosystem health, strength and resiliency.