Meet Our Vendors

Wild Wines & Spirits 


Bryan Lee

Founded by Bryan Lee, Wild Wines & Spirits is a testament to the beauty and flavour of the Annapolis Valley. Specializing in truly unique, handcrafted ciders, each batch is carefully crafted from apples handpicked from biodiverse orchards in the Valley. These apples are pressed, fermented, aged, blended, and bottled on-site, allowing you to taste the Annapolis Valley in every sip.

Wild Wines & Spirits offerings comprise a series of dry ciders, each boasting complex, fascinating flavor profiles that encapsulate the true essence of the valley. The cidery’s dedication to a traditional, simple approach to cider-making is reflected in every bottle, embodying Bryan’s deep love for his homeland.

Bryan’s intimate knowledge of the local orchards and impeccable palate for apple quality is a driving force behind Wild Wines & Spirits success. His hands-on approach to cider-making, from feeling the soil and trees to personally selecting the best apples for cider, is what sets Wild Wines & Spirits apart.