Workshops at the Market: Learn, Create, and Grow with Us

We’re passionate about fostering a vibrant community atmosphere that goes beyond shopping for fresh produce and handmade goods. Our Workshops at the Market series offers a fantastic opportunity for visitors to learn new skills, explore creative hobbies, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming workshops:

  • June 1 – Seeds, Seeds, Glorious Seeds
  • June 15 – Know Your Local Growers and Makers
  • June 29 – Rhythms of the Season and Zero Waste in the Kitchen
  • July 13 – Core Endurance: learn about improving your core
  • July 27 – Mindful Mandelas with 7 Arts
  • August 3 –
  • August 10 – Cooking workshop with Kara Friessen of Piecemeal Food Provisions
  • August 17 – Learn all about Backyard Chickens with Becca and Dave LaPierre
  • August 24 – Fiona Lewis is back with cooking demonstrations featuring corn (free smaples!) @4:00 and @6:00
  • August 31 – Come transfer flowers onto fabric with Sarah Callow Fisher of A Beautiful Wild
  • September 7
  • September 14 CANCELLED due to risk of thunderstorms
  • September 21 – Meet the Teacher at the Market for KDS
  • September 28 – Book Week
  • October 12 – Stone Soup with Fiona Lewis from Molotov Cuisine

October 12 Final Market for 2023

Help us celebrate and thank everyone who helped make the first year of the Kingston Farmers Market a success! Fiona Lewis, of Molotov Cuisine, will be cooking a Stone Soup to share with everyone! Come out to watch an enactment of the story in real life and then chow down on some delicious free soup. So many people in this community have come together to support the market and we want to say THANK YOU!!!

September 28

Book Week

This week at the market we’ll have several local authors selling their books and doing a reading on stage. The Annaplois Valley Regional Library will be setting up with all kinds of goodies for giveaways and featuring a selection of items available at the Library.

*Book Swap: bring up to five books to contribute to the book swap and take any that interest you. Find the wooden shelf under the Book Swap sign at the market

*Blind Date with A Book: Do you have trouble deciding what to read next? Are you up for an adventure? Take a book home (for free) on a blind date. There will be a few clues about the book to help guide you.

*Calling all kids! Make a Book: We’ll have paper and book binding supplies ready for you to build and bind your own book. Decorate the cover with the art supplies we’ll have for you

*Storytime: Head over to the children’s area at 4:00 and 6:00 to hear stories read by master storyteller Julia from the Kingston Library

*Reading Mob: Join in the fun! At 5:00 Green Eggs and Ham will be read ‘flash mob’ style. Audience participation from young and old alike is required. Please join in!

June 1

Seeds, Seeds, Glorious Seeds

11Host: 2 Beans or not 2 Beans
Timing: Ongoing 3-7PM
Welcome Community to Sprouting Seeds with Meg from 2 Beans Farm! A seed is where the beauty of our food all begins! We are excited to teach you how you can plant your very own seeds at home. Seeding is for all ages and provides us all with the chance to connect with our food, the land, family, and community members. Seeding is the easy, messy, and fun part! We will be walking through the materials you need, techniques to help you succeed and the essentials to caring for your seeds so that they flourish. Once you get your planted seeds home, you will be able to see the magic of how sun, water, air and care can grow you your very own vegetables, fruits and herbs. This workshop is a chance to share knowledge, get in the dirt, make mistakes and watch the wonders of our seeds day by day. All the materials for the workshop are provided by the Kingston Market! We will also have the “Travelling Seed Library” with us! You will be able to touch, play, and learn through our interactive seed display. We will have seed shakers, seed and nature sensory, red wiggler worms, seed creatures and more! We are looking forward to planting seeds with you all. Thank you for your support and interest. Seeds for planting donated by Annapolis Seeds in Nictaux Nova Scotia

Bio: 2 Beans or not 2 Beans is a small-scale community farm in the Gaspereau Valley, on the stunning lands of the unceeded Mi'k Maq First Nation territory. We grow delicious and nutrient dense vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We grow our food with soil and ecosystem in mind! We do not use any synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers on the farm and work on building soil fertility and native micro-biology for long-term regeneration of the land. We source rich, finished compost from local livestock ranchers, integrate leaf mulch, cardboard, unsprayed hay, and allow pasture grazing of laying hens to build organic matter in the field. We use broadforks and tarps to stimulate earthworm activity as well as feed our own earthworm castings bin to colonize our compost piles. We offer a seasonal community food box for 25 community members and will also be selling at our weekly local markets. You can find us weekly at The Halifax Brewery Market, Kingston Market and Kentville Market or visit us at the farm. Exciting new offerings this season will be our Community Food Forest project and our Seed Library! We will be offering workshops and volunteer days throughout the summer season. We will be working with the community to plant an abundant food forest garden using permaculture principles. The “Travelling Seed Library” is where community members can access free, community grown seeds. We will bring this library to markets and you can also access the seed collection at the farm. With these projects we hope to bring more people to the land and encourage community-based education, skill sharing and fun for all ages. These projects will provide perennial fruits, nuts, herbs and seeds for the community for many seasons to come. If you have any questions or want to get involved find us online or contact us directly! Meg Henwood and Erich Burton (902) 990-0098

June 15 

Know Your Local Growers and Makers

Host: Megan Giffen
Timing: Once at 4:00, again at 6:00
Do you ever attend a farmers market and want to speak more to the grower or maker behind the table? Come on a tour with us and meet your local growers & makers. We’ll explore the market in a more indepth way today, by walking through together learning more about each person who helps nourish our community. Bring along your spirit of curiosity & farmers market basket to get some goodies along the way!

Bio: Megan is our Kingston Farmers Market workshop organizer. She is an outdoor educator, a multifaceted artist, a gardener, the owner of a mushroom education company called Unseen World & deep lover of food. She’s passionate about creating community and is a farmers market enthusiast. She’s been part of making markets, working markets & of course attending them for many years.

June 29 

Rhythms of the Season and Zero Waste in the Kitchen

Host: Molotov Cuisine

Timing: Once at 4:00, again at 6:00: listen for the ringing of the bell to signal the start of the workshop

Description: It’s STRAWBERRY WEEK! Join Chef Fiona Genevieve to learn tips and tricks to help you bring sustainability into your kitchen, and save money along the way. By learning how to prevent food waste in the kitchen, and use up every single part of your produce, it will help make your kitchen a full circle. From vegetable scrap stock to using up old parmesan rinds to using every bit of fresh produce, this workshop will help expand your ideas of what you can do in your kitchen. This workshop will showcase foraged foods you can find on the Nova Scotian landscape in spring; such as spruce tips, dandelions & fiddleheads.Featured Recipes will be: 1. Carrot Tops & Garlic Scape Pesto with Fermented Strawberries 2. Strawberry Top & Feta Shortcakes

Bio: Professionally trained in Montreal, Chef Fiona Genevieve is very passionate about cooking with local ingredients and fascinated with fermentation. Growing up in Ukraine & China, her kitchen creations show case melding of flavours and cuisines. Her deep Nova Scotian roots brought her back to the Annapolis Valley; Working hand in hand with local farmers to bring explosive flavours to every dish and a focus on preserving fresh & sustainable ingredients. By capturing summers bounty she’s able to bring warm notes of flavour to dishes even in the darkest of winter days.